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I'm Greg Payne, Your Get2it Coach

Are you ready to finally reach your goals? Great! The Get2it
system will help. Whether it's a personal goal or small
business goal
, I'm here to guide you toward seeing, defining,
and reaching your goals
. Let's Get2it today. Click to learn
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Get2it Speaking

I’m ready to deliver refreshing and uplifting content with a unique perspective to your national or Atlanta area club or organization!

Business Coaching

Running a successful business isn’t easy, so stay at the top of your game and on a course charted directly toward business success!

Personal Coaching

Want to change something or enhance something in your life? Get2it personal coaching is an excellent step toward finally reaching your goal!

Want to Bring Out the Best in You or Your Organization?

Read on to see how the Get2it method of see the goal, define the goal, and then Get2it can help you accomplish anything!

I’m Greg Payne, your Get2it Coach, and I can do exactly that—bring out the absolute best in you or your business. You ARE capable of incredible things, especially accomplishing your goals—even goals that may seem impossible from where you are now. By listening, motivating, and providing another perspective on your goals (and the best way to achieve them), I can help you become the person or organization you REALLY want to be.

Personal Transition Coaching and Business Managment Coaching

In my unique style of personal coaching and business coaching, I have one simple, yet powerful philosophy:

See the Goal, Define the Goal, and Then Get2it!

One of my biggest values as a personal transition coach and business management coach is my talent for dissecting challenges and then developing goals with you that we transform into fast, measurable action plans. Tackling goals in this way makes each step in the the transition process simple to execute. This results in victory upon victory upon finally realizing ultimate success—fulfilling your goals and greatest potential.

I can break your goals down into a simple to execute process, but that doesn’t mean achieving them will always be easy. That’s why I’ll be here for you every step of the way, challenging you through proper planning and encouragement to ensure you get off the fence and move in the direction of accomplishing even the most difficult goals.

Become Exciting, Become Abnormal

Do you feel like something is missing in your life? Is there an excellent opportunity before you that could easily pass you by if you don’t take action? Are you afraid to take action? Do you wonder if you really have what it takes to achieve your desires? Do you dream to be better?

Unfortunately, most people spend more time planning what they’ll do on their day off of work than they do planning monthly activities that will strategically lead them to achieving their goals. Why? There’s safety in the routine of predictable outcome. It’s a way of life most ‘normal’ people fall into—but here’s the thing—I want you to be abnormal.

I want you to become totally abnormal by vividly picturing what you want to achieve in your life or business in your mind. Once you have your dream, define that dream by writing down goals that will take you on a straight course to your desired destination—to who and what you really want to be.

Once you have your goals committed to paper, start your transition to who you want to be. Place one foot in front of the other, taking a strategic step one at a time until you reach success. These three simple steps separate the ‘normal’ from the ‘abnormal.’ Embrace the abnormal, and start your transition with my help.

Finally... A Way to REALLY Make Transitions Happen

Here’s a look at just some of the questions we’ll examine together to create your individual plan for achieving your goals:

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Get2it Goal Setting Worksheet

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  • How did you get where you are now?

  • Why do you want to change?

  • Where do you want to go, or what do you want to do?

  • What do you need to accomplish to get there?

Then we’ll develop a winning strategy and put it into quick action with measurable steps that lead you on your own unique course to success.

Get Your FREE Get2it Consultation Today

I wholeheartedly believe that EVERY individual or organization has the ability to achieve goals and transition through positive change—and I can help. If you’d like to explore how I can help you meet your business, professional, or personal transition goals, I invite you to give me a call at (404) 308-9487, or click to email me for a free, no-obligation, 30-minute consultation. I’m eager to hear about you and your goals, and to give you my perspective on achieving them.

Taking action today means you’ll be closer to becoming the person or organization you’d like to be tomorrow, so don’t put off your goals. Make them a priority, or it’s possible you’ll never achieve your dreams. I want to help you—contact me for your free, no-obligation, 30-minute consultation now!

Professional Speaking and Presentations

I also offer in-person educational courses for groups of all ages about setting goals, sustaining motivation, and developing personal leadership skills. I’d love to work with your organization to develop a focused presentation or training based on your needs that gives your audience an enhanced set of tools and the motivation for carrying out their goals effectively. Click to book me as your keynote or breakout speaker now, or visit my Get2it Speaking page to learn more!

“Setting goals is the best way to chart a course to exactly where you want to be... and to whom you want to be.” —Greg Payne

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The keys to growth are time and strategic planning. Attending a local Greek Festival taught me how these two principles work together.

I'm ready to get started making your dreams happen.
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What some of my clients have to say

"At first when I expressed my challenges to Greg that I was having personally and with my business I was hesitant. I didn’t see how someone with little industry knowledge of my niche could help me sort out the challenges I was having within my business...After gaining confidence that Greg can listen to a pile of information and challenges that I was having and provide suggestions on potential directions or systems that can be implemented to help me along my way I was confident going into another session."—Pat McMahon, Old Town Editions, Virginia, Business Coaching Client

"Greg helped me to push myself and my business to greater levels than I thought I could take it in such a short period of time. He really IS awesome."—S. Grey, Gate Logic, Virginia, Business Coaching Client

"The Get2itcoach program with Greg was very helpful and motivational. I was able to revamp my resume and learned new techniques for applying and interviewing for opportunities in the field that I want to persue my career in."—C. Richards, Georgia, Personal Coaching Client

"Greg taught me to see challenges in a new light. He helped me to grow in my abilities in ways I didn't know I could. He has vast knowledge and cares about you."— Marcie Dawson, Personal Coaching Client