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100th Post – Thank You

100th Post – Thank You

Well, it has finally happened. Because of you, this is my 100th blog post.

I have struggled with what to do with this post. My options were to pass over this milestone like nothing happened or I could go off script and celebrate a little.

It took me a week to decide that it would not hurt to put on my party hat, grab a cup cake and listen to Kool and the Gang sing ‘Celebration’ while I put down some thoughts to mark this occasion.

Simon Sinek talks about the power that comes to organizations, teams and individuals when they discover their ‘Why’. The ‘Why’ is why you do what you do. Not what or how but the motivation behind what you do. My ‘Why’ or my motivation for what I do as a person, husband and father has changed over the years. This is normal, we all pass from season to season with different motivating factors that come into play.

In my early 20’s, my ‘Why’ was the enjoyment that I received out of teaching / tutoring people in subject of History. I would work with fellow classmates or other people on passing their history classes. I have a gift that allows me to connect people with the rich lessons and stories in dusty old history books.

In my late 20’s and through my 30’s the focus or motivation was to provide a good living for my instant family. (My wife had two little boys from a previous marriage when we met.) I realized that I needed to shift priorities away from becoming a history teacher to something else. So, I decided to pursue a master’s in business with the goal of putting myself in the best possible position to provide for my new family.

Ugh, the 40’s. I have witnessed my smart wife graduate fourth in her class from Georgia Tech with a degree in architecture. My boys graduated high school and moved out of the house to pursue their own growth opportunities. With all of these changes going on, I started to think again about doing the thing I love most, teaching and working with people.

While I was frustrated at my previous day job I started listening to Dan Miller, the world famous career coach. Dan has a program called Coaching with Excellence. This program is where people who feel that they have a calling or the aptitude to help other people through the coaching process can gather for a two-day retreat and learn about the business of coaching.

That retreat changed my life. I was introduced to about 40 people who were and are on a journey to branch out from where they were to ‘something else’. Some of us became coaches, some of us used the tools taught at The Sanctuary to focus on our careers and relationships and some of us (me) have done a little of both.

Leaving that retreat, I knew that if I was going to branch out into something with a larger purpose then I needed to put some systems and structures in place. To that end, Get2it was born.

My awesome sister-in-law helped me with my website and I started to blog. I can say that with various editors helping me along the way that my writing has improved from the first blog to now the hundredth post. (To my editors, thank you all for your kind guidance and support.)

“If you are not embarrassed by the first version of your product, you’ve launched too late.” – Reid Hoffman, founder of LinkedIn Tweet this!

If the above quote is a truism, then I can say that I launched this blog when the universe wanted me to start, when I was a rough-cut rock and not when I was a polished stone. As rough as my writing was, I knew that I needed to get my thoughts and ideas in the hands of at least one person who needed to read or hear that message.

I cannot wait until I reach 200th blog and can look back on how much growth has taken place from 100 to 200.

For all that you have given me, (your time, your encouragement, your challenges, your wins and losses) YOU have made me a better person, coach and writer knowing that you are “out there.”

Coach’s Wrap Up –

Just like the infant that climbs up the side of a coffee table, turns, smiles with drool running down the side of their face, we have to push off and move that one unsteady foot. Without that first hesitant lunge and fall, we cannot move our businesses or ourselves to the tops of the mountains where the views are simply awesome.

So, go ahead be hesitant to start but start and celebrate the milestones of your journey.

 Question –

What is it that you feel you should start doing? Why have you not started? What would be your celebration for starting your next journey?


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