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3 Important Reasons to Take Scheduled Breaks

3 Important Reasons to Take Scheduled Breaks

Remember how excited you became at school when you knew a recess or break was about to happen? Have you ever noticed how your mind checks out the day before you take a vacation from work? The reason for this behavior is your thinking or cognitive self is aware that it is about to be shut down for a little while. It knows it is about to be re-charged.
Studies have been conducted on the importance of children taking breaks during the school day. Those studies have found that recess allows time for rest, play and imagination to come forward. After a break, adolescents are more attentive and better able to perform challenging academic tasks.

As adults, I think that we devalue the importance of breaks in our lives. I have witnessed in some work environments that not using all of your earned vacation time is viewed as a badge of honor and a way to prove how dedicated you are to your job.

I have also witnessed people who have worked to the point of burnout and took a very minimal break and therefore were never completely recharged.

The result of either of these behaviors is a decrease in productivity and critical thinking.

Small business owners and entrepreneurs will often work themselves into exhaustion. I know that business owners and entrepreneurs have to work hard and often try to accomplish themselves what a small team would normally deliver. However, when you work yourself past the point of fatigue, mistakes and bad decisions are often the result.

If you recognize that you need to incorporate more breaks in to your work and personal life but are not sure how to make breaks or vacations a priority check out these important reasons for taking that break.

1. Humans were not designed to work without a break

Our bodies need rest or our productivity diminishes. The 40 hour work week was developed in part because studies proved out that working beyond a 40 hour work week started producing diminishing results. For some people a three day weekend every now and then is enough but for others, having multiple days away from work is what is needed to break the body’s stress cycles.

2. Acknowledge that you are more of an asset when you have recharged yourself

This activity can be extremely hard to accept but to illustrate my point, look at how many mothers feel that they cannot take a day to go to the spa or get away with just their girlfriends. However, how many times have you seen or heard about how much better things are when a mom comes back to the family re-charged?

3. Schedule breaks ahead of when you need them

Just as taking care of yourself physically can prevent some healthcare issues, scheduling breaks in your work life can help to prevent burnout or other much more serious stress related health issues.

Coach’s Wrap Up

When we work our muscles to the point of fatigue, we have to give them a break so that they can come back stronger than before. The same idea is true with our work lives as well, we need to push and drive hard but then take time to back-off and let our mind, body and spirit not only heal but also grow so that we can continue to take on the world.

What do you do for a quick recharge?

What do you do when you need to take a break of more than three days?


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