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3 Winning Tips to Reach the Checkered Flag

3 Winning Tips to Reach the Checkered Flag

If you have thought about what your goals are going to be for 2014, Congratulations!  You just know that this is the year that you are going to be driving yourself or your business further than you were in 2013.

However, what if you have run into trouble in the past with hitting the finish line as strong as you started?

You might ask yourself what you can do differently this year, so that your finish is what you envision when you are at the starting line of 2014.

Here are the top three tips that I use with my personal and business coaching clients when they set and execute successful goals:

1.    Write them down.  Having a great idea or vision of what you want to accomplish is a fantastic starting point.  However, as the year moves along, what was once clear in the mind becomes foggy and diluted.  Writing down your goals commits you to moving forward; in a sense writing your goals places you on the starting line and primes you to be ready to move forward with purpose.

2.    Check your status.  You need to set aside time to review and evaluate where you are with your goals.  Are you making progress?  Has a life or business event occurred that will positively speed up accomplishing your goal?  You may need to course correct throughout working on your goal so that you accomplish what you are setting out to do.  Make time to check your status periodically.

3.    Tell your team.  Everyone needs a team or a group of supporters who are invested in your success.  Include this team in your goals.  This team will be there to motivate you to keep going when you want to give up.  Your team will also be there to hold you accountable when you are tempted to slack off.  This valuable asset can only be a productive resource if you include them in your goal execution process.

Coach’s Wrap Up

Setting, executing and accomplishing goals are the three primary activities that separate ordinary and extraordinary teams and individuals.  You do not have to take my word for it, just check out how full your local gym is in January compared to the end of March. This year, join the extraordinary and implement these three winning tips and join us at the finish line of a surprisingly successful 2014.

Have you found other tips that have worked in getting you from the starting line to the checkered flag?  If you have, please share those tips so that we can make the most out of 2014.


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