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4 Strategies for Getting Back on Track

4 Strategies for Getting Back on Track

Can you believe that we are halfway through the first quarter of the year already? Seems like just last week, we were just getting over Christmas and talking about New Year’s Eve plans. You may have already found that you have started to slip or become derailed from your goals. If so, here are my 4 strategies for getting back on track and re-focused.

1. Post your goals or projects where you can see them.

Out of sight out of mind. That old saying applies to written goals and projects as much as it does the people in our lives. If you have not placed your goals on a white board or someplace else where you will see them every day take the time to post them.

2. Examine what goals you are falling behind on.

Did you overestimate your time or ability to tackle the goals you laid out for yourself or your business? Several of my clients (me included) have sometimes pushed ourselves to be aggressive with what we wanted to accomplish. I do not think that there is anything wrong with being aggressive. However, we sometimes start so many plates spinning that we risk having all of our goals crash down on us.

After reviewing the projects that you either have in flight or need to start, make a decision on what goals really fit with your strategic growth plan or are “must haves” and which projects need to be put into a “nice to have” category.

The “must haves” are the projects that you need to now recast with new milestones and dates to complete.

3. Rank your “must have” list.

Even after you have pared down your total goal or project list into “must haves” and “nice to haves”, you will need to rank your “must have” list. I will council my business clients to rank the “must haves” by how much revenue or cost savings they will produce. If a project that is in the “must have” bucket can not demonstrate a return, then there needs to be a solid reason why the resources will be committed to that goal. I recommend with these projects that you bounce them off of some close friends who will be honest with you about if the project deserves your attention and resources.

4. Put time lines on your projects and have an accountability partner or group.

After you have ranked your “must have” projects and goals, build some milestones and timelines onto your goals. Move from just a statement of what you want to accomplish to when you will accomplish the goal. Large goals or projects have milestones or smaller tasks that need to be accomplished before the final goal is realized.

Another great strategy to help you get back on track with your goals is to publish your dates and milestones to either an accountability partner or even a small group. That person or group becomes your personal board of directors or steering committee where you need to explain your progress as well as your setback and how you are going to get back on track.

Coach’s Wrap Up

Life happens to all of us and it is easy to allow events to derail our best laid plans. We can also over estimate our resources and ability to work on multiple projects resulting in becoming unfocused and delivering a lot of “C” level projects that produce “C” level results instead of a couple of “A” projects producing “A” level results.

Have you ever paired down your goals or project list, if so what was your result?


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