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4 Tips to Creating a Winning Logo

4 Tips to Creating a Winning Logo

If you are a new entrepreneur you may be struggling to create a logo or image that represents you and your company.  You may even be an established small business owner who is thinking that your logo could be updated or changed all together. No matter what stage your business is in, here are four tips to create a winning logo.

1.   Your logo speaks about your company or brand even without text. In areas and times when literacy rates were low, symbols and images was the primary way that businesses could identify what industry they were in as well as their own specific business.  Think about movies you have seen where there was an image of a boot over a doorway.

That image or logo identified the shop as a cobbler.

2.  Think about the nature of your business.  Does your business build a product or provide a service?  Ask yourself as well as others what images come to mind when they think of your business or industry.

Think about the optometrist and their link with eyeglasses or, a building contractor and a tape measure or hammer.

If you are thinking about very abstract images as your logo, be careful not every abstract image can be as popular as the NIKE “swoosh.”

Abstract images often fail as meaningful logos.  Remember Lucent Technologies?  Most of the public viewed that logo as a coffee cup stain and not a circle intended to represent innovation.

3.   What type of customers do you want to attract?  Think about the customers you want to attract. Will your customer or prospective customer base pay a premium for your service or are their decisions value or cost driven.

Consider different reactions you have to seeing the Ferrari logo compared to the Ford logo.

4.    Find a graphic designer.  Unless you truly have the skills to create and use graphic software you need to contact a graphic designer.  When working with a graphic designer, make sure that you are clear about the vision you have for the logo.  You will also want to work with someone who will invoice you by the project and not by the hour.

The artist that you use should give you image files that can be used on everything from a small logo on your website or business card up to a large logo used on a banner or a vehicle wrap.  The logo that you receive should also work with and without color. The shape and form of the logo is what is important, color will just enhance it.

Coach’s Wrap Up

If you are just starting your business or you are thinking about refreshing your company’s image, finding a logo that will communicate what your company stands for and produces is no easy task.  There are firms that make millions of dollars a year just focusing on creating logos for other companies.  However, if you spend a bit of time doing some association exercises and soul-searching, a theme or a symbol will usually reveal itself.  Once you and or your team have that symbol in mind it will pay off in the long run to hire a graphic artist to render your vision for use on everything from your website to packaging materials.

How did you come up with your logo?  If your logo is an abstract image, can you explain how your logo relates to your business?


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