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Feeling Alone?

Do you feel isolated or alone as a business leader or entrepreneur? It is not uncommon to have periods where you feel like no one understands or no one "gets" the pressures you are going through. The good news is that you are not alone and that there are strategies that can help you bridge the gap from feeling alone to feeling connected.

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Have You Fallen?

Some falls are very public and large in nature and some falls are deeply personal and less obvious. The blog outlines the steps that successful people take to comeback from a fall by examining one of the largest political and military falls of the early 20th century. Click here to learn how you can use these same steps to come back from any fall you might experience.

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Have You Flatlined?

Have you ever felt like you were flatling or stuck? Maybe it is just a feeling you have and maybe the numbers from your business metrics are telling you that you are flatlined. This post examines how to tell if you are flatlined and how to move forward towards growth and opportunity.

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A Person of Value

Do you want to be a person of value? Then be a connector. Connecting people and networks together for mutual benefit is the best way to become a person of value. The connector does not think about what is in it for them but rather thinks about how someone from their network can provide the answer or solution to a challenge that someone else in their network is facing. It is through being a connector that the network improves and the how the connector gets a reputation for adding value and becoming the "go-to" person for solutions.

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100th Post – Thank You

This post is a big thank you to my network of friends, family, clients and everyone in my network. It is important that when you feel a calling to start a business, new phase in your life or even a blog that you start and then celebrate the milestones along the way. You may not start out being the best in whatever you are working towards but the more reps and experience you get along the way the more your business will grow and develop.

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Limitations, Milestones and Dragons

We all have charts and maps in our minds, which mark the edge of our experience with a big call out of "There are dragons beyond this point." It does not matter if you are experiencing personal or business growth there are imaged boundaries that must be pushed if you are to reach the next level of success. Click here to learn the five things that will help you break the barriers holding you back.

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