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Blocking and Tackling

Today, there are all kinds of resources and focus on technology start-ups. Businesses that are not tech-focused are often forgotten with little or no thought about how to win in business. This post discusses how non-tech businesses can win by focusing on the basics of business.

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The keys to growth are time and strategic planning. Attending a local Greek Festival taught me how these two principles work together.

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Do You Want To Play a Game?

This post reviews some of the benefits of playing strategic games. Playing games can provide relaxation but will stretch your critical thinking and creativity muscles. Click here to learn more.

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Lessons from 12 O’Clock High

12 O'Clock High is a fantastic movie deep with leadership lessons. The focus of the story is how to replace a beloved and trusted leader who is burned out with someone who can rebuild the confidence of the team. This post centers on four important lessons that I learned from this movie.

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Are You Ready?

Does your business have an emergency plan? Many times, small businesses do not have a formalized plan and rely on the business owner or team leads to make decisions on the fly. Having a plan in place will reduce the amount of indecision and frustration that can occur during a time of crisis.

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Evolve – Lessons learned from The Virginia Company

The Virginia Company was so fixated on finding mineral wealth in the New World that they could not successfully pivot and take advantage of the commodity wealth they found. Within 20 years, The Virginia Company lost its charter and access to the wealth of the Virginia territory. This post highlights the mistakes the company made and the top lessons that are important to every business owner.

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