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Are You Ready?

Does your business have an emergency plan? Many times, small businesses do not have a formalized plan and rely on the business owner or team leads to make decisions on the fly. Having a plan in place will reduce the amount of indecision and frustration that can occur during a time of crisis.

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Evolve – Lessons learned from The Virginia Company

The Virginia Company was so fixated on finding mineral wealth in the New World that they could not successfully pivot and take advantage of the commodity wealth they found. Within 20 years, The Virginia Company lost its charter and access to the wealth of the Virginia territory. This post highlights the mistakes the company made and the top lessons that are important to every business owner.

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Your Story Is A Key Business Tool

A compelling story can help a growing business build a loyal customer base. A new or growing business can leverage their story to help overcome shortfalls. Often, business owners either don't know how to share their story or they are reluctant to share their story with the public. Not sharing your story is likely leaving a valuable tool in the toolbox because you are unsure what to do with it.

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It’s the end of MY world as I know it….and I feel fine

This post is centered on the importance of owning the response to an event. Owning our response to an event can help dictate if we are going to spin into negativity or move on into bigger opportunities.

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Getting Comfortable with… The Darkness

The darkness is that space that sometimes surrounds us and does not let us see all our available options. We may have arrived here through a layoff, a restlessness that is forcing us to move out of our comfort zone or even a personal or professional tragedy. Whatever has brought you into this darkness, there are strategies to remain positive and negotiate your way out to a great future.

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‘Dem Bones’

Having good "bones" in your business will not only support what you are doing today but will enable your business to grow in the future. This post reviews the importance of having good bones or organizational structure. The post also details important questions to ask yourself or your leadership team about your current organizational structure and if you have the right structure in place to support future growth.

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