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100th Post – Thank You

This post is a big thank you to my network of friends, family, clients and everyone in my network. It is important that when you feel a calling to start a business, new phase in your life or even a blog that you start and then celebrate the milestones along the way. You may not start out being the best in whatever you are working towards but the more reps and experience you get along the way the more your business will grow and develop.

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Limitations, Milestones and Dragons

We all have charts and maps in our minds, which mark the edge of our experience with a big call out of "There are dragons beyond this point." It does not matter if you are experiencing personal or business growth there are imaged boundaries that must be pushed if you are to reach the next level of success. Click here to learn the five things that will help you break the barriers holding you back.

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The One Question that will keep you ahead of the competition

Are you in an industry or business that is innovating or are you making improvements on products and services that are starting to fade away? This post explores the important question of asking yourself, "What business are we in?" If the answer is improving on existing products and processes, you are endanger of going the way of buggy manufactures as the automobile industry was starting to take over.

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It’s Your Duty – To Be Different

People and organizations make decisions all the time to select businesses and even employees based on the real and perceived differences between two or more options. When we try to look, sound, and act like someone else, we run the risk of becoming just another bland commodity.

Doing small or large things that set us apart permits our personalities and beliefs to be noticed. This in turn helps like-minded individuals or businesses find us more easily and shortens the gap between only being interested and becoming a satisfied partner.

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Do You Have A Customer Focused Mindset?

In a world where a lot of what we do and produce can be also be done by someone else, a customer service mindset is where you and your organization can win. The best news is that providing a great customer experience does not have to come at a high price tag. There are three parts to having a customer service mindset - Building a relationship - Having basic respect - Being willing to go the extra mile. Click to learn how you or your team can develop this winning mindset.

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Why Your Business Needs a Road Map

In business, the use of road maps helps us to explain to customers, investors and internal team members what the vision and the journey is going to look like in the coming months and years. This blog discusses why it is important to have a road map and how to build a road map if you do not already have one built and in use.

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