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Who Are You?

Business owners or founding team members need to decide which role they are going to play in their organization. Are they going to be the Innovator, the Operator, the Marketer, or the Banker? Each role is very distinct and takes a different skill set from the others. Smart business owners and teams are intentional about who fills which role while other businesses go through painful and costly cycles of trial and error before the right people are in the right role based on ability and interest.

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Teach From Your Mistakes

No one wants to make mistakes and we certainly do not want to admit to mistakes. However, when as leaders we make a mistake, how we handle the mistake or failure and how we work through that mistake can be a powerful lesson for our teams and networks. This blog discusses why modeling behavior by leaders is more powerful than what might be captured in an employee manual. Click here to learn more about why you as a leader should allow your team to some of your mistakes.

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Managing the Growth of Your Small Business

Establishing a business is a difficult process but once the business is established, growing the business requires the founder or founding team to move from working in the business to managing the business. Entrepreneurs must be aware if they are going to position their business to thrive, they must be aware of four vital areas that are either going to be opportunities or pitfalls if not addressed properly.

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Traitor on Your Team? It Might Be Your Fault

While there are many reasons why people become disloyal to a team or organization, this post explores three critical reasons that are controllable. Leaders who take responsibility for how their team operates and treats the members of their team greatly reduce the chance people will be disloyal. Click here to learn more about why people drift and turn on their organizations.

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Are You Ready for an Angel?

This blog reviews four unique items that small businesses and startups need to consider before seeking out investments from an angel. It takes more than a good idea and buzz words to find the right angel investor for your business.

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When Was Your Last Zero Day?

As entrepreneurs and leaders, it is common to keep pushing and filling our schedules up with activity to the point where we breakdown on different levels. Long distance hikers plan Zero Days where they allow themselves the chance to resupply, rest their joints and muscles and get ready for the next push. This blogs discusses four advantages of planning for Zero Days.

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