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Building Momentum

Building Momentum

Have you ever seen someone who was just an unstoppable force and wished that you could be just as unstoppable?  Think of Oprah of the late 1990’s or 2000’s or even think about an athlete who was on an incredible streak within their sport.  Everyone knows when a person has momentum and can not be stopped, at least for a period.

What most of us don’t notice is all the effort, failures and little things that brought that person, company, team, etc. to that point of being unstoppable.  As an example, a large train moving fast has a large and prolonged force behind it in order to achieve it’s speed and force.

Donald Trump tells a great story of meeting William Levitt, a builder and a person who helped to develop the concept of the suburbs (remember hearing about Levitt Towns?).  Donald met Mr. Levitt at a party before Mr. Levitt died broke and alone.

Levitt had created a fortune developing suburbs in the post WW II building boom of the late 1940’s and 1950’s. Mr. Levitt and his company were for a time unstoppable and the residential building company in the USA.  After having lots of success and making lots of money, Mr. Levitt sold his company, took his money, moved to France, and enjoyed the good life.  After a time and several wives later, Mr. Levitt moved back to New York and bought back his company, which was at that time failing and about to go under.

Try as he might, Mr. Levitt couldn’t turn that company around and it eventually went bankrupt and closed down.  When Donald Trump met Mr. Levitt a year before he died, Donald asked Mr. Levitt what went wrong and why he couldn’t bring his company back to the level of success it once was.  Mr. Levitt’s reply to Donald was, “Donald, I just lost my momentum”.

While momentum is very powerful, over time if it is not maintained, inspired, renewed, momentum can be slowed or lost.

As you get started this year, remember the two most important parts of momentum:

  1. It takes a lot of time and action to build momentum
  2. It takes a lot of work to keep momentum and not have it fade due to time, obstacles or loss of motivation

To build momentum, we dream of a future where we have the career that we love and the life that we want, we then set about creating executable goals.  These goals become the small tasks that start us on our path and each succeeding goal builds on the success of the one before it.  Soon we have created momentum for our personal lives and or our businesses.

If you haven’t found the “big mo” or the momentum you want, are you sure that your goals are building on each other and driving you towards having momentum?

If you have momentum, what are you doing to feed it?  Are you staying hungry?  Are you challenging yourself and or your team to keep the momentum going by building bigger goals?  Momentum is a hungry animal that must be nourished through actions and personal or team motivation.

What are you doing to build momentum in your life or business?  Please let us know how you are Getting2it and what great future you are building.


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