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Do You Believe Well?

Do You Believe Well?

Have you ever had someone ask you if you Believe Well? What is “Believing Well” you ask?  Believing Well, is seeing the path and result of your task or quest so well that you or your team cannot be shaken no matter what adversity might rise up against you.

Think of it this way, believing that you can do build a business, develop a new tool or product is a great first step.  However, just believing or only hoping can leave room for doubt or failure in what you are trying to accomplish.

Believing Well however, leaves no room for failure and no room for doubt.   Believing Well brings a level of clarity and focus to your business or your personal goals that keeps all negativity or the possibility of failure so far removed from what you are doing that you cannot even entertain the possibility of not reaching your goal.

Walk with me back to an example that many of us have heard before.  The example or principle that I am thinking of is how an individual stick can be easily broken but combine that stick with several others of the same size and the group effect is a strong and re-enforcing structure.  The same principle applies to Believing Well.

To Believe Well is to join the following attributes or values together:

  • Belief in your goal or purpose
  • A Clear and focused vision in the outcome
  • Purposeful action in overcoming internal and external obstacles

Communication to your team and network:

When working with a team, the challenge faced by a business owner or a leader, is to be able to communicate with not only clarity but also conviction of your purpose or task.  Sharing your vision and getting others to buy into Believing Well is the job and task of the true believer.

Clear purposeful communication of your vision is the first part of gathering others who will Believe Well with you.  This level of communication enables your team to mobilize and move with an understanding of how you desire them to execute the plan.

Clear communication with conviction is how a leader will convert followers into believers.  Those new believers are the ones on your team who will take on the same level of intensity of purpose you have.  They will also start to Believe Well in the objective you have laid out for yourself or your organization.

Believing Well and Faith

For many people of Faith, Believe Well is another name for something that is a part of your belief system.  Faith itself is the joining of hope and action with a trust that a higher power will guide and provide if you do all you can to achieve your goal.

Coach’s Wrap Up:

When Belief + Vision + Action are added together to create Believing Well which is much more powerful than just belief by itself.  Believing Well is a declaration to yourself and your team that you will succeed and that the outcome in your mind has already been achieved.

Clear and passionate communication to your team or network will increase the level of awareness to where you are leading your team.  This passion and belief in your journey when communicated to your team or network not only produces followers but fellow believers who will help to drive you and your team forward.

Do you Believe Well in what you are pursuing?  Does your team or network know just how well you believe in what you are going to be accomplishing?


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