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Does your business have ambassadors?

Does your business have ambassadors?

Are you employing ambassadors as part of your growth strategy?

Last week, I heard a great interview with Brian Church on Entrepreneur on Fire.  Brian spoke about the power of relationships and how relationships play a central role in the building and growing of a business.

A concept put forward in that interview was that every business that grows and develops has key individuals who speak about that business with knowledge and a level professionalism that spreads through their networks.

I have called this core group of people in my network by many names. I have at times referred or thought of them as advocates, champions, patrons, sponsors however, they are my ambassadors.

Before modern communication enabled real time communication between governments, ambassadors were the personal representative of their country or sovereign.  When speaking to an ambassador, a person was effectively speaking to the head of the foreign government.

In today’s relationship economy, building and developing business ambassadors must be part of your strategy to grow your business.

Your ambassadors are your core advocates that will increase the message of your value proposition faster and more directly than any other group in your network.

Here are three keys to effectively using your ambassadors:

1.  Be an ambassador first

Within your network, become a strong ambassador for those business contacts that you have already.  Look for ways to serve or spread the message about their businesses before you ask your network to be your ambassador.

2.  Make sure they know about your value proposition

Ambassadors carry the flag for you and your brand. Make sure that your ambassadors know the details about your product or service and how they provide value to your customers.

3.  Educate them on your target or ideal client

Your ambassadors need to know which individuals or groups your business best serves.  If you have a plumbing business do your ambassadors know what kind of plumbing you specialize in? If the ambassadors do not know this information they may bring you leads or investors that are not a good fit for what you do.

Ambassadors vs. Satisfied customers

I think that satisfied customers can become ambassadors for your business but not in all circumstances.

In my experience, ambassadors fall into a different classification than satisfied customers.  Ambassadors do not need to be customers in order to spread the message about your business.  While both groups are central to providing positive feedback to their networks ambassadors serve as a way to acquire investment funding, client acquisition and access to the ambassador’s network.

Satisfied customers while possibly helping to grow the business are not employed in the same fashion nor have the same level of detail about product business strategy as your ambassadors do.

Coach’s Wrap Up

Over the next 30 days review your processes for educating and employing ambassadors for your business. If you are the only one talking about your business, it will not move, grow and develop.

With any business, word of mouth or social interactions build and create part of the engine that builds momentum.  Using ambassadors strategically is an important tool that entrepreneurs should be employing as part of their business planning.

How are you using your ambassadors?



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