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Finding a Mastermind group

Finding a Mastermind group

Have you ever wanted to increase the effectiveness of your goals?

Do you think your business could take off and gain traction if you had a group of people dedicated to your interests/goals and who give you honest and complete feedback about your ideas?

If you answered Yes to any of the above questions, you might be ready to find a Mastermind group.  Many small business owners, artists, executives and everyday people are finding real value and achieving fantastic results simply by finding a group of people that they connect with and who push them to be greater tomorrow than they were today. 

As a business coach, I recommend to new business owners to find a group who are walking the same journey and join up with them.  Many of the mastermind members will have either gone through the same obstacles and can be a source of first hand knowledge about how to avoid mistakes or some of the members could learn from your successes and failures.  One of the important and sometimes overlooked benefits of being active with a mastermind group is that sense of community or that you are not on an island going through challenges alone.


When you are ready to join a group, here are a few things to look for that will help you find just the right group for you:

  1. What is the group make up or dynamic?
  2. What level are the participants at with their business or goals?
  3. What is the length of commitment the group requires?

What is the group make up or dynamic?

You need to be sure that your personality will be a fit with the other members and most importantly that their personalities will add to your experience.  If you find the group dominated by a couple of strong personalities who are always right and always know how things need to be done this could be a red flag.

I think that there has to be give and take with the group and the group will naturally develop leaders within that group but those leaders should know when to back off and let other voices and ideas come forward.  Be careful of the group that has become more of a group of followers to one leader compared to a group of supportive peers.

What level are the participants at with their business or goals?

A sure way of having a negative experience with a mastermind group is to join a group where the members are at different levels.  Those members that are further along with their businesses than other members are, become de-facto mentors and don’t get anything out of the group experience.  They then quit the group out of frustration out of not getting anything back from the group experience.  If your experience is well below or above the group that you are thinking about joining, you may want to search for another group that is closer to where you are in your journey.  Successful groups are made up of people who have had similar experiences and are at similar levels of success. This does not mean that everyone must be in the same industry or profession but just similar stages in their journeys.

What is the length of commitment the group requires?

Successful mastermind groups will require their members to commit to be active with the group anywhere from three months to a year.  The mastermind group members rely upon your active participation and input to be successful.  So, before you join a group you need to be clear about what the expected commitment level for that group is and that you have the time in your schedule to participate.

These are a few key items that as a business and personal coach I advise my clients to examine before they join a mastermind group. If you are not in a mastermind group, what is holding you back?  If you are in a group or are thinking about joining a group, let me know what factors did you consider before joining your mastermind group?


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