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Energize Your Club Or Organization By Booking Motivational Speaker, Greg Payne

Whether you’re creating a workshop, or simply need a great professional speaker to deliver refreshing and uplifting content for your national or Atlanta area club or organization, I’m ready to help you deliver the best content… with a unique perspective.

When you engage me to deliver a presentation or workshop, we’ll work together to define what your group really needs to hear and experience.

We’ll collaborate to customize my message so your audience leaves the presentation with an increased level of motivation to work toward personal and team excellence.

Speaking Topics


  • The Get2it Method: Discovering Why You Need To Constantly Transition Toward Your Purpose And Passion

This topic centers on my personal transition coaching philosophy of moving from where you are to where you want to be.

Participants will learn why staying still is really just falling behind in their professions, their lives, and their relationships. Individuals will come away knowing how to engage their passions for learning and doing, which will keep their sense of purpose fresh and invigorated.

We’ll review the Get2it method for identifying key areas where individuals need to expand their understanding and influence in their:

Personal Lives
Professional Lives

Your audience will be challenged to set goals and explore new experiences to constantly remake themselves on a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly basis.

  • Personal Leadership: Exercising Leadership In Small Group Settings

As a personal leadership speaker, I’ll explore how individuals can exert leadership in their day-to-day lives by leading groups to maintain, and when appropriate, push their teams or groups to higher levels of excellence.

There are three key components of formal and informal groups: Vision, Standards, and Execution (or action). Personal leadership focuses on identifying these components, then working to: 1) maintain those components, and 2) use leadership tools to push the team or group forward to higher levels of performance.

  • Bringing Out The Best In Your Team: Getting The People On Your Team Into The Right Roles

This message centers on identifying the role-players on your team, and using strategies to ensure you have them positioned in the best areas for maximizing their strengths and making your team successful.

You will learn basic motivational tools for getting the best out of your team. Through this experience, you’ll also be able to quickly identify personality traits to ensure you have leaders leading and doers doing.

 (All the above topics are available as Keynotes, Breakouts, or Workshops)

If needed, I’ll work with you to develop a truly personalized message should the above topics not meet your needs.

NOW is truly the right time for your team to be inspired to embrace change with a positive attitude!

Speaking On Team Leadership

Speaking On Team Leadership

I currently have several openings for engagements in the next few months. Whether you need a keynote speaker or a breakout speaker, click below to contact me to start the process of receiving a truly unbelievable experience.

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