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For those of us in Canada and the United States the holiday of Thanksgiving provides us an opportunity to not only gather with friends and family to watch football and eat turkey and pies but to also pause for a few hours to think about those important items in our lives that we are thankful for.

Being thankful allows us a moment to recognize that there are others factors and people in our lives who contribute to our achievement of goals and well-being.  A huge part of having goals is taking time to celebrate the achievement of reaching those goals.  When we set goals, they are not set in a vacuum or isolation.

Our goals, even if they are individually based such as being able to run five miles, rely on things that we can be thankful for such as the means to buy running shoes or the high school track that we were able to run on each morning.

Part of setting goals is to establish a period with which to accomplish that goal. Being thankful and celebrating the accomplishment of a goal re-enforces a spirit of being thankful for what we now enjoy after paying a price for success.

As you now go about setting your goals, plan a period of thanksgiving at the end of the goal to celebrate your achievement and the influence of others in helping you achieve that goal.  Some ideas for expressing thanks for reaching a goal might include:

  • having a very special evening out or activity with your partner
  • taking your team out to lunch
  • writing a thank you note letting contributors to your goal know how they provided encouragement or support for your goal

This Thanksgiving season, how are you going to express to your family and friends thanks for being part of your support team?


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