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Hiring the Right People to be on Your Dream Team

Hiring the Right People to be on Your Dream Team

Small business owners know that hiring the wrong employee can not only hurt you in terms of lost sales or losing valued customers but the wrong employee(s) can end up costing you your business, which for many business owners also equals their dream.  With so much on the line with each one of your new hires, It is very important in challenging times that business owners do everything they can to ensure that they hire the right people to join their team.

As a small business owner or manager, you will never have a 100% hit rate on new hires, that is just part of life.  However, there are some steps that you can take to build and maintain a group of people who will not only help your dream survive until tomorrow but also enable your business to thrive.  So, when your business is growing and you are ready to put out the “Help Wanted” sign, keep the following ideas in mind to help you in your hiring decisions:

  • If you own your business, remember your business is not only a means to make a living but this business is your dream (or should be).  Ask yourself before you make that call back, does this applicant have the background and skill set that I want in someone who will be a partner of my dream?
  • Does their background show that they have at least the basics of a good employee?  For example, show up on time, present themselves well, are dependable, etc.
  • What does their work history really show?  Does their work history show that they have moved up in responsibility with each new position or are they just moving laterally?
  • Is this applicant someone who learns and develops quickly and needs new challenges often or is there another reason that this person has moved from job to job quickly?
  • When hiring someone who has not worked before (normally a teenager getting their first job), try and find out how fast they pick up on basic concepts like customer service and how diligent they are going to be in performing entry level tasks.  That young person may turn out to be a good fit for your business and could be a solid part-time or full-time employee for several years.
  • Listen to the little voice in your head.  If you get a bad feeling about a candidate, don’t go any further with them.  We all have intuition that should be listened to.  When we don’t pay attention to that voice, we always end up saying we should have paid attention but only after something negative has happened.
  • Most importantly, try to find out why are they looking to join your business or team.  Sometimes just being willing to work and earn a paycheck is as good a reason as any as to why someone is willing to come work for you and shouldn’t be discounted right away provided they have interviewed well and they have a real desire to contribute to your business.

If you keep these few items in your tool kit when interviewing potential employees or team members, you will increase your chances of hiring the right person for your business.


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