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How to break on through to the other side

How to break on through to the other side

I was recently working with a client who was stuck and became bogged down in a bit of depression and frustration concerning one of her goals.  While preparing for our next personal transition coaching session I kept hearing The Doors song “Break on Through” either on the radio (classic rock of course) or coming up on my Pandora stations.   As we discussed strategies on how to get over, under or around the blockage that she was facing I kept hearing Jim Morrison singing that refrain in my head. break_throughI know that The Doors were using “Break on Through” as a metaphor for other meanings than working to overcome obstacles in your personal or business life but breaking through is what all of us have to do in order to grow and achieve success in our lives.  What we have to break through is what Steven Pressfield in his book “The War of Art” termed the Resistance.

The Resistance is that force that keeps us from stretching out and growing.  The Resistance is made up of both internal and external forces.  Internally, the Resistance is that voice in your head that tells you, “you can’t accomplish that task”, “you’re not good enough to pull that off” or maybe worse yet, “put that thought out of your mind, stay where you are, you have a good thing here, don’t risk what you have”.

Externally, the Resistance might be people you know who want you to “play it safe”, “don’t take the risk”, “you’re biting off more than you can chew”.  The Resistance will also make real obstacles appear larger than they are.  At times, it is possible get so locked in on one point of view of a challenge that you don’t think about moving round and looking for another angle to tackle that issue. 

Surrendering to the Resistance is to let that part of us that wants to fly with the eagles and live to our fullest potential quietly die leaving us to wonder at the end of our days, “what if”.  The job of the Resistance is to keep you from making a difference.  We defeat the Resistance by breaking through to the other side and living a life or creating a business based on passion and purpose.

So how do you break on through this resistance to get to the other side?

  1. Understand that doubt and fear are real and want to keep you where you are – Break on through by STARTING to work on your goal or project
  2. Realize that humans are a social species and standing out from the group goes against the basic programming – Break on through by looking for a new group to associate with.  Realize that the pack or group that you are currently part of is not the only one in existence, there are other groups that you can join. Once you find a group that is where you want to be and you start associating with them, you will not feel like you are standing alone.
  3. Accept that second-guessing yourself or your product is natural – Break on through by understanding that there are always updates, revisions, enhancements to every product or service out in the world.  Get your product or service to a point where it is useable and provides value to the consumer.  Once your product or service is to that point, put it out to the world.  Revise, improve, enhance as you go.

When the Resistance has shown up in your life, how did you “…break on through to the other side?”  Share with the Get2it community what you learned from working against the Resistance.


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