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How to Sell Intuitive Based Decisions

How to Sell Intuitive Based Decisions

Have you ever had a situation where you made a “gut” or intuitive decision?  Perhaps you had to make quick in the moment decision?  Maybe you took the night or a weekend to think about a decision that you had make before you announced it to your inner circle or team.

I recently wrote about a blog titled, “Your Hidden Decision Making Asset: Intuition.” In this blog I stated that I think that developing intuition is a powerful talent and asset that is sometimes discounted because it is hard to quantify.

However, I believe that much of intuition is the instantaneous processing of an extreme amount of data through the filter of personal experience.  In fact, the amount of data can be so great that a person struggles to be able to quantify or list all of the data involved in a decision.

As individuals grow comfortable in making decisions using intuition, another challenge arises that hurdle is how to sell your intuition based decision.

Here are two important methods to sell your decision to your team and to your managers:

1) Use supporting facts.  As a business coach, I believe that intuition or using your gut to make a choice involves two critical factors, data and experience.  Once you have made your choice take a movement to reflect on that choice and search your mind for data that supports your decision.

I am not suggesting that you make the facts fit the decision but rather take time and reflect, bring the data that is in the subconscious forward into the conscious.  This exercise will allow you to explore the facts that you “felt” but at the time could not list or bring forward into your decision making process.

2) Use confidence in vocalizing your decision. Humans are social animals and when you make a decision for your team you must project confidence in your choice. As part of getting “buy in” for any choice made for the group, the person making the decision must have confidence in their decision.  If you show hesitancy or you are unsure of your decision when vocalizing it to the team, they will not move forward with confidence.  Each team member will themselves start to question the decision and as the leader you will not have complete buy in resulting in half hearted effort by the team.

Coach’s Wrap Up

When working with clients and when brainstorming with other business owners, I work to help them develop their intuition and trust it as part of the decision making process.  We have the best computers ever developed (our minds), that process thousands of pieces of data and experiences without us even being aware of what is happening. When we have reached a decision based on intuition, as leaders we need to do two things:

  1. Take a moment and bring some of that data forward to back up his/her decision
  2. Vocalize that decision with confidence.

Do you trust your intuitive decision making process?  How well do you sell those choices you make through using your intuition?


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