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Meet Get2it Coach, Greg Payne

Personal Coach - Small Business CoachAfter graduating from Portland State University with a degree in History and a focus in Sociology, Get2it Coach, Greg Payne pursued his passion for business by earning an MBA from East Carolina University.

It was during the time after graduating while working for a Fortune 500 company that others really began to recognize Greg’s unique ability for listening, examining, motivating, and bringing out the best in people.

This sparked Greg’s passion for helping others achieve, which lead to his creation of the Get2it method for success and Get2itCoach.com. Greg will meet you where you are, and walk with you to where you want to be.

Get2it Coaching


Today, Greg works with individuals, organizations, small businesses, entrepreneurs, and professionals at all levels, in envisioning their goals, exploring their options, and charting their own unique, measurable transition course to success.

His work with organizations like Little League Baseball, the Boy Scouts of America, and Toastmasters International have helped Greg further develop his Get2it coaching method, especially in applying it for people of all ages who are looking to transition to higher levels of success.

Greg strongly believes most individuals and organizations possess more excellence than they realize. That’s why Greg centered his effective Get2it method on finding those hidden areas of excellence to help his clients bring them to the forefront.

When engaging with Greg, his clients quickly discover where those final pieces of the puzzle fit together so they can create a complete picture that helps them transition to become more successful than they ever thought possible.

Get2it Speaking


A sought-after speaker on the Get2it goal setting method, personal leadership skill development, getting the most out of your team, and motivational topics, Greg also works with small businesses and organizations to develop in-person training, educational courses, and presentations that provide attendees with an enhanced set of tools and the motivation for achieving success.

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Whether you’re interested in personal transition coaching or business coaching, you’d like to have Greg create an educational course, presentation, or training, or you want to book Greg as your organization’s next motivational speaker, it’s simple to get started. Just call Greg’s personal line at (404) 308-9487, or click to send an email.

Regardless of your reason for contacting Greg, he’s happy to offer you a free, no-obligation, 30-minute consultation to discuss your needs, and to give you his unique perspective. Don’t wait—call (404) 308-9487, or click to email Greg now!