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General Anthony Mcauliffe
Photo from: www.thedropzone.org
Surrounded by Germans in the city of Bastogne, Belgium in December of 1944, General McAuliffe when given a written demand by the Germans for the immediate American surrender of the city uttered the single response of “Nuts”.

When a German officer asked an American officer what McAuliffe meant by “Nuts” and if the response meant that the Americans were going to surrender, the American officer replied, "If you don't know what 'Nuts' means, in plain English it is the same as 'Go to Hell'.

The Resistance

We all face something that Steven Pressfield calls “The Resistance”. He defines “Resistance” as “anything that keeps someone from realizing their creative potential.” While we may never face being surrounded and outnumbered by German’s in the middle of a Belgian winter we do face resistance from both internal and external sources.

Examples of internal resistance are:
• Procrastination
• Self-doubt
• Distractions to focus

Examples of external resistance are:
• Family emergencies
• Computer crashes
• Clutter that needs to be addressed NOW

You are not alone

One of the great bonuses of being a coach is that I talk to all sorts of people who are going through the same trials in fighting The Resistance. I have a small business client who is struggling with making the transition from running a business in her home to renting office space and signing a two year lease. I had another personal coaching client, who after several months of searching for work was given a job offer and then had doubts about taking the position.

What did these two individuals have in common?

They were both experiencing adversity which was trying to hold them from growing personally and professionally. I think that one of the strongest parts to The Resistance is that not only are there tangible and intangible obstacles that appear right when we are about to make positive changes in our lives but we also feel that we are isolated and that no one else has ever experienced the same type of struggle.

Can you beat The Resistance?

There really is no way to fully keep the resistance from trying to make you stop your progress or “talk” you out of starting in the first place. However, here are a few tips to use to help in your fight against “The Resistance”:
• Accept that Resistance is real
• Start taking action immediately
• Do not worry about being perfect
• Understand that Resistance = reward for growth

Coach’s Wrap Up

When Resistance pushes itself into our actions and thoughts and attempts to derail us from growing personally or professionally, we can respond in one of two ways. We can give in to the Resistance and put off the decisions or activities that will lead us to higher levels of achievement OR we can stand up to the Resistance’s call to surrender and exclaim everyday “NUTS”!

When was the last time you were surrounded and exclaimed "NUTS"? How did you feel after making that proclamation?


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