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Start Planning Next Year’s Goals Now

Start Planning Next Year’s Goals Now

So it is the first week of October, the air is getting cooler and the year is starting to wind down. Have you started thinking about your 2013 goals or resolutions yet? Too early you say? If you are like a lot of people, when the New Year comes around, you will be making resolutions or goals for the coming year without a whole lot of time to think if the goals are reachable or if the goals are well defined for you and your abilities.  With most New Year’s resolutions being discarded by the spring, I started thinking about why that happens and came up with the following ideas:

  • We don’t think about goals or resolutions until the end of December which gives us little time to plan properly
  • The goals and resolutions really do not have the level of commitment needed to succeed
  • The goals or resolutions are too vague to be measurable

Have you ever looked around in the gym the first or second week of January, noticed how crowed the gym is and then noticed how empty the gym is come mid-March?  I would be willing to bet you that the reason is that sometime about December 20 something someone made up his or her mind to “get into shape” without really knowing what “getting into shape” means.  There is nothing wrong with a goal to get into better shape, but the problem is that large general goals get to be too broad, not measurable and in the end the goal is overwhelming.  Maybe a better goal would be, “I will get into better shape this year by being able to run 2 miles by March, run 5 miles by June and then run a half marathon by October of next year.”

By starting to think about next year’s goals now, you can really start to break down the large goal into smaller, measurable goals.  The reason that you want to have smaller measurable goals is that the small goals provide you the means to build up successful steps. Each of those steps brings you closer to the larger goal.

A goal that spans a year should really have at least quarterly goals and I would even suggest that there are monthly goals that you should set.   By breaking down the large goals of “getting in better shape”, “better off financially ”,“ start my own business” or any other large goal, you will be able to define what that goal truly means to you and as a result have a map to success.  Now, go get to it!


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