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Are You Making It Complicated?

One of the pitfalls that leaders and entrepreneurs face is thinking that complicated goes hand in hand with sophistication or success. Often business ...

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Are You Persistent?

Persistence is one of the key attributes that separates successful entrepreneurs and leaders from the pack. While creative ideas are important, implem...

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4 Ways to Not to Change Your Policies

As your business and team matures, it is important to develop and implement policies that support the type of team and culture that will continue to m...

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Do you have the resources to reach your goals?

There are many low cost or free resources available in this day and age. These resources help us with our personal and business lives to shorten our l...

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3 Tips to Get You Out of the Middle

The middle is that area between a great idea or dream and the realization of that goal. It is the area that is full of sand pits, rivers of tar, mud ...

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