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30 Killer Quotes For Leaders, Entrepreneurs and You

Quotes are nuggets of thoughts and reflection that can inspire those who hear and read them to become better leaders, entrepreneurs and individuals. I...

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5 Tips to Organize Your Next Speech

A well organized speech or presentation is enjoyable to the audience and add credibility to your expertise about the subject. As a presenter, you have...

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Do you have the resources to reach your goals?

There are many low cost or free resources available in this day and age. These resources help us with our personal and business lives to shorten our l...

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Teen Interns, An Untapped Resource For Small Business

There is a talent pool readily available to help your business. This talent pool is full of great ideas and is eager to work with you to build that n...

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Are you maximizing your resources?

Are you maximizing your resources? Have you tapped into your network of friends and family if you need help overcoming a challenge? Click here to fi...

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