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Try Something New

Try Something New

We are about to start closing out the first quarter of 2013 in just a couple of weeks.  Does that statement make you a bit nervous about where you are with your goals for this year?  Have you pulled out your written goals and reviewed where you are with them?  If you have, you should go back and add this little item to your list if it is not already there: Try Something New.  If you haven’t made up a list of goals this year, it is not to late to create a set of goals that will help you define where it is you want to go this year.

A lot of people use their goals to increase what they are already doing in their lives and are pushing towards greater levels of personal excellence with in the confines of those activities. Of course, there is nothing wrong with that approach for most of our goals.  If you are a writer, your goals should include writing and getting published more often this year.  If you are gardener, you should want to learn even more about plants, landscaping, etc.

What we sometimes leave out of our goals is Trying Something New.  Now, everyone loves their comfort zones and by the time you move out from under your parent’s roof and on your own, you have developed a great understanding of what you like and don’t like as well as what activities you would be willing to participate in.  In a way, this relaxing into a comfort zone is like a bottle of Italian dressing settling into in its multiple parts.  Only when shaken through intent do the flavors come alive.  “Settling” should be resisted because of all of the great experiences that you miss out on by staying in that one spot.

By creating a goal to try a new activity, you are forcing yourself to be open to the new experiences.  Being open to new experiences may lead you to discover the following:

  1. Hidden passion or talent
  2. New or deeper connections with existing friends or loved ones
  3. Developing new friendships
  4. Empowerment – “I never thought I could do…”
  5. Creating a new sense of openness to other ideas and activities
  6. Knowing for sure that activity was not for you

Trying something new does not give you license to put yourself into danger or violate any laws.  In fact, when working with my clients, I never ask them or councel them to try activities or new ideas that would violate their sense of purpose or belief systems.  Just because I suggest that everyone should try something new does not give you license to take up becoming a jewel thief.

When I think about all the different opportunities and experiences that this world has to offer, I am often drawn back to the closing lyrics of the song, “Last Mango In Paris” by Jimmy Buffett where the character in the song states;

I ate the last mango in Paris

Took the last plane out of Saigon

I took the first fast boat to China

And Jimmy there’s still so much to be done

So, as this first quarter of 2013 starts to come to an end and you are reviewing the progress that you have made on your goals this year, look to see if you can fit one more goal on your list if it is not already there – Try Something New.  Maybe you could take up kayaking or sign up and complete a drawing class.  You might want to join a foodie group and open up your palate, maybe you will even learn to play an old song on an instrument you have never tried before.

Now that we are almost a quarter of the way through 2013, what is it that you are going to try that will be a new experience for you?

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