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You are a Pro to someone

You are a Pro to someone

Softball and Carly

I had a great fall season of softball this year. My team did ok and made the play offs. At my age, my goals for softball are simple: have fun, do not get hurt and play my best each game.

A good friend of mine and her teenage daughter, Carly, come out and watch one of my games this season. What made having Carly come out to one of my team’s games fun, is that after the game she was full of enthusiasm and could not stop mentioning how far the ball would go when it was hit or how fast everyone was on the field or even how hard everyone was throwing the ball. She had the same excitement I would have had watching professional baseball players having fun at the local recreational field.

Carly has some developmental issues and challenges, but has a love for sports. She runs in the state Special Olympics games, runs track for her high school and even plays softball in the local Miracle League organization. Once Carly had completed her homework, her mother brought her to cheer us on and watch us play softball.

You see, Carly is such a good athlete that she was recruited to play on a competitive Miracle League team that will be keeping score and working to mainstream the team members a little more than they are already.

Lesson Learned

To Carly, my softball team was made up of Pros. I am not talking here of Pros like Professional athletes. I am using the term “Pro”, to also mean someone who is proficient in a skill or activity. The lesson that I took away from that experience with Carly was that everyone can be and often is a Pro to someone else.

Under the above understanding, because of your skills and expertise in a subject there is most likely someone watching you and considering you a Pro or mentor.

I’m a pro to someone, so what?

If you accept my definition that a Pro is anyone who is proficient in a skill or activity, you may have just learned that you are a Pro. So what does that mean to you?

The answer to the question is that you have more people than you realize looking up to you and watching you. You are a Pro. If you decide to be intentional about being a Pro, here are a few characteristics that you may want to refine or incorporate into your life:

• Mentoring – Pros work with people trying to grow their skills or expertise, sharing wisdom and tips of the trade

• Take responsibility – Pros do not make excuses for failures or setbacks. Pros may talk about the reasons they had a setback but do not make excuses for their mistakes

• Positive actions – Pros know, especially in these times that everyone is watching them and watching for the Pros to either step up and shine or fall and disappoint

Coach’s Wrap up

When you have become skilled at a task or activity, the people coming up behind you are viewing you as a Pro. You have been where they are and you are currently where they want to be even if there is further in your journey to go. Embrace your role as a Pro or mentor and help those looking up to you by offering encouragement and your lessons learned.

When was the last time that you recognized that you were a Pro to someone else?

How many people do you look up to that don’t know that you consider them a pro or mentor?


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