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You’ve landed a new job, now what?

You’ve landed a new job, now what?

Congratulations on landing your new job.  I know that you have worked hard on evaluating a number of opportunities and have now accepted the position that best fits your personal and professional needs.

When starting a new job, make sure you quickly build up your new network

When starting a new job, make sure you quickly build up your new network

When my personal coaching clients get to the point where they are ready to start a new chapter in their professional development I am often questioned about how to best start this new season in the most positive and productive way possible.

Below are my top 3 tips when starting a new job:

  1. Take over as much of the new employee on-boarding process as you can
  2. Use the new employee status you have to build relationships with your boss’s peers
  3. Redefine yourself

Take over the new employee on-boarding process

When you start your new job, there are dozens of tasks that your new boss has to do just to get you set up so that you can start contributing to the team.  Among the tasks that will likely need to be accomplished are: email set-up, benefit forms, security badge requests, ordering of business cards and the list can just go on from there.  As a personal transition coach I always tell my clients that they should take over as much of that work from their boss as they can.  There are two reasons for doing this; for one, you immediately show that you are willing to jump in and take charge of your work and situation and two you are re-enforcing to your new manager that by bringing you to their team, you are there to open up their schedule so that they can focus on other areas that are of greater importance to them.

Quickly work to build relationships with your boss’s peers

As you work on introducing yourself to your boss’s peers and if you can make it happen, those other team leaders a level above and below your boss.  Take the opportunity as the “new hire” to ask questions and develop relationships with out the baggage of projects that you will soon be working on or the day-to-day routine that can color those relationships.  As you introduce yourself to these other leaders in the organization you should take the opportunity to inquire from those leaders what they value the most when working with your team.  Take that information back with you and remember that input when you are working with those managers and teams as you move forward.  If you are successful with this activity, you will gain a reputation as team player and will have a reputation of not only wanting your team to succeed but also the teams that you work with.

Redefine yourself

A new job is a great chance to redefine yourself.  Let’s face it, if you have been at a job for any period of significant time, you may have fallen into some bad habits that you know you should change.  With your new job, you have a chance to practice personal leadership and redefine yourself and your work habits.  With your new job, no one knows your old habits or the old you.  Use the new job to be intentional about becoming the person and team member that you want to be.

Beyond finding your way to the break room and restroom, what have you done to become successful at your new position?  The Get2it community will be better for your comments and contribution.


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